Adobe Flash in online casino games development

Adobe Flash is a one of the leading technologies used in online casino industry. Powerful features of vector graphics and animations are what make Adobe Flash to be the right tool. ActionScript programming language that is natively supported by Adobe Flash allows to manipulate every single flash object and create seamless and user friendly casino applications.

There are different types of casino games, which are powered by Adobe Flash.

One of the most popular is video slot machines. It is quite simple to animate the spinning wheels decorated with a broad set of symbols’ styles (fruits, cars, numbers, movie stars, etc).
One of the projects we had at flashdaweb was Luxuria Video Slots that we build for Harrods Casino. Unfortunately, this company went out of gambling business but we have some screenshots we can share at

Another very popular set of casino games are card games. Poker and Black Jack are the most popular card games out there, and of course there are many online websites in a various languages that invite players to sit and win at the virtual card tables.

There is a famous poker application at facebook in English; There are German, Italian, French, Danish Poker rooms that always welcome new players of any level. Most of the poker online games are developed with Adobe Flash.

At we offer a set of ready to use cards and chips if you want to have nice graphics to use in your flash poker or other casino game development. You can find more information and a preview of the package at our flash vector cards and poker chips graphics page

  • Bingo is the simplest and the most luck-oriented online casino game. Bingo is normally played through a 5×5 grid card with some random numbers in different columns. Players can try its most popular variants such as 75 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo. In this game, gamers are not provided the choice to select their numbers, thus it is totally based on their luck.

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